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This website redesign is so weird.....but I can make status updates?  Interesting....
Welcome to Bara Mory by Jessismith
Welcome to Bara Mory
Fara-Lyn welcomes you to Bara Mory...

This is just a simple wallpaper sort of thing that I worked on today.  I plan on making more concepts for Project Tokala.  Now that I have learned a good bit with 3d modeling, and am starting out in Unity, I hope to have something that is playable within the next few months.  Here's to hoping.  *crosses fingers*

You can check out my project here:
Fox Guardian Staff by Jessismith
Fox Guardian Staff
Just thought I'd add a 3d model I made a little while back, that I call the "Fox Guardian Staff" or maybe I'll call it "Fox Staff of Kynareth" which would probably be more lore related.  :)

I made it for this very extensive follower mod that I have been painstakingly working on for Skyrim.  I've been working on it for the past few weeks, and can't stop adding more features to it.  I really just want a front page on Nexus...for once!!  Hopefully this mod will have what it takes to secure my spot in the greats...hopefully.  xD
Skull Crusher by Jessismith
Skull Crusher
This is a 3d model that I made for the Skywind project.  I based it off of Skull Crusher from Morrowind.  I actually forgot that Skull Crusher was one handed, but because it was a warhammer, I just made it with two handed.  It'll be very easy to revert it to a single handed weapon.
Info on Skull Crusher:…

You can also download the file here:…
The hammer is located at the Skyforge in Whiterun.  Sadly, I don't possess the technical knowledge to add the feathering and damage properties needed to the weapon, so I just put a random mixture of enchantments on it
Elemental Concept by Jessismith
Elemental Concept
Some new concept art for Project Tokala.  This is an elemental that can be summoned by skilled mages.  The setting is in my favorite zone: the land of eternal Autumn, which is the Red Warrens. 

For more info on Project Tokala, check out our site here:
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Hello, DA-goers!

I wanted to tell all of my DA friends about an MMORPG project that I have been working on for a while now, called "Project Tokala."  I've recently sent out invites to friends on various other art sites that I have been on, basically to spread a bit of awareness of it, and hopefully to bring in some more people to our project.

Basically, I have been looking for anyone who has an interest in RPG games....mainly MMORPGs.  And I know a lot of you do, and a lot of you are really amazingly talented artists.  You see, I started this project back in February(so it is relatively new) and I had started it mainly to bring together some of my gaming friends on Facebook all together to brainstorm and share ideas for a new game project.
Most of them seemed very enthusiastic in the beginning, and they all helped me so much in coming up with new races and a little bit of lore.  However, lately the project has fallen entirely in my hands alone...and all the work that I had spent on building the perfect website to exchange ideas with my teammates in has been in vain.  No one wants to join the website forums, or post in them, and everyone seems to have lost inspiration, have lives that are way too busy, just grown bored of the project in general.
I have had a bit of luck with getting a few people to join up by posting ads on MMORPG websites, but no one has yet to actually contribute at all to the forums.  In fact, one guy said that he would bring in his team to the project, as well as other teams, with programmers...but it never happened. 
Now, I am troubled with what to do.  I just cannot shoulder an entire project.  While I do have a vast imagination, a project of this size needs many dedicated minds to come together and collaborate.  The forums are the perfect place to do this, because many different people can be on at once, sharing ideas for stories and posting it for others to see in an organized way.
I was not able to achieve this in the original Facebook page, because all content would have been blended together.  The website forums were the best way to preserve everything in a very organized fashion.  But now, I don't know what to do.  Next year my subscription will run out, and if I have no one to collaborate with, there won't be any use to keep the site going.  Which is why I am so desperate now to find some more willing participants to aid me in this very ambitious project!!
What I need are creative minds, and people with a passion for gaming.  I am looking for writers and storytellers, concept artists and illustrators, producers and animators, voice actors and musicians, and pretty much anyone who is full of great ideas and a passion for this kind of thing.  This is a collaborative effort, and anything can be changed around when fresh ideas are conceived.  Everyone has a vital part in the project, and no idea will be left out of consideration.
Each story and idea is thought up, posted and reviewed by the community, and changes can be decided on and improved on by the community.
Since the game is still in the concept phase, all ideas and concepts are welcome.  And anyone who hangs out on DA, and happens to visit my page is also welcome to join the forums...even if to just view them and give suggestions or input.  So please, everyone!!  Please come and check us out!  Our website is:

Hope to see you there, and God bless you all!!!  Have a good week, or month....or year...or...millennium!!  PEACE!!!



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Stephanie Young
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm an artist/musician/retail worker living in the small town of Sharpsburg GA, USA

Current Residence: Southeast USA
Favourite genre of music: Movie Soundtracks, or gothic metal stuff
Favourite photographer: I have lots
Favourite style of art: Realistic, Anime, Anthro....usually either fantasy or sci-fi
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Shuffle....yes, I downgraded, lol.
Shell of choice: Nautilus, lol :)
Wallpaper of choice: Purple with white polka dots!
Skin of choice: Blue with little bioluminescent specks
Favourite cartoon character: Don't get me started...
Personal Quote: Living to love and loving to live.

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